Published Art

Rat Alley

During my time as a student at the University of Manitoba I spent three years in a hall in residence named "Rat Alley". This little guy became the macot to appear on three school years worth of shirts from 1992 through 1995.

Surfer Central

The "Little Surfer Dude" was created as the mascot for a Surfer Central, a piece of software written by James Waletzky. It has been years since I have last talked to James, so I am not certain if this software is maintained any longer. But I still have my little claim to fame!


In 1998 I drew and inked a single page comic for inclusion in Sanguine Production's Ironclaw fantasy role playing game rule book. I supplied the original artwork as black and white line drawings; greyscaling was applied later by Sanguine Productions.


The UnixOS2 Dragon was created for use on the (surprise, surprise) website.